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Elephants in Hasselt (Belgium), October 2012

A Caravelle foray
A quick expedition to Hasselt in Belgium to look at the painted elephants
Sunday (after Church) off south to the tunnel, then staying at our favorite B+B Hotel near Lille.
Monday morning, up early and off to Hasselt,
which took longer than anticipated as we decided to travel south of Brussels and
found a wonderful place called Tervuren.
We arrived in Hasselt late morning and good weather made the town and elephants better that we had expected.
Tuesday morning we spent more time in Hasselt, overcast making photographing much easier, then the rain stopped that activity.  So,  then the drive home, back with Eurotunnel.

Here are photos of each 41 of the 42 elephants, one being damaged and not on display.
I wish to share with you
I've split the photos into 5 albums to make viewing easier
If you switch your browser to "Full Screen" (F11 in Microsoft IE) you will see the albums better.
Album 1
Elephants, Album 1
Album 2
Elephants, Album 2
Album 3
Elephants, Album 3
Album 4
Elephants, Album 4
Album 5
Elephants, Album 5
All 41 Elephants
Elephants, 41, one photo
Labels of Elephants
Labels of Elephants
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